Boost the chance of selling your home.

Boost the chance of selling your home. 


Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great start to 2017!  Thanks for stopping by to read my latest installment on my Real Estate blog,  I love reading all your feedback and really enjoy all the articles you send me via email.  


Is anyone here looking at selling their Property in the UK in 2017? If the answer is yes, then I’ve got the post you need to read.  After a long and cold Winter, Spring is traditionally one of the most popular times for people to put their Property on the market and with Brexit maybe happening in the next few months, there might be an influx of properties.  


Ways to boost the chances of selling your home.


Get your house looking right.


Getting your house up to scratch can be incredibly simple.  If you’re selling the house unfurnished then remember that any furniture you buy for the house can be brought with you or sold on later, so don’t scrimp too much.  

One of my favourite easy ways to update your house is by changing the door handles.  This simple update can bring an old house up into the 21st Century and if you choose beautiful antique ones can really help to set your house apart.  
antique door handle

Another easy great way to set your house apart is through a general spring cleaning.  Making sure that all the windows and surfaces and clean and sparkling.  Rooms should be well lit, and it’s worth asking friends and family to lend you extra lamps extra just to brighten up your house.


First Impressions.


The first impression can sometimes be the selling factor.  And some buyers have made up their mind about a property prior to entering the house.  Because of this you should be putting as much effort into the exterior of the house as you do the interior.  Declutter an old garden, and if needs be buy a new front door.  A brightly coloured front door can also set your house apart from the rest of the street, so a lick of paint can be a cheap and cheerful way to separate yourself from the crowd. yellow front door

Get the right asking prices.


One of the most important things to get right from the start.  It’s also unfortunately one of the hardest and most frustrating elements of getting your house on the market.  

Start off too high and you will scare possible prospective buyers off, start off too low and buyers might still expect to be able to haggle the price down and you’ll be left with less money than you should.  

The best way to work out the correct asking price is to speak to several estate agents, minimum 3, and get the to give you a realistic evaluation of the house.  This evaluation should come with justifications and comparable market data of similar houses and their asking and selling prices.  

You should then look at the prices together and work out the mean price, as this should be the most reasonable.  


Be helpful and clear.


Build trust and a positive relationship with prospective buyers.  This will help you to be able to talk to the buyers about any of their issues or questions.  Be clear with them about why you are moving, when you expect to move and any flexibility you can offer.  A late pull out won’t do you any good and could cause you to have to spend exceptional amounts of money if you can’t move out on time and you miss out on your next dream property.  
tube map

Make sure that you have also done all your research about the area you live in.  If you don’t have children or are unsure about the local schools, have a look at their latest ofsted reports or put them in touch with a friend who knows the schools better.  Also make sure that you know the transport links to major locations and any issues they could face with the neighbourhood. And if you’re the one moving and you need any tips on moving to a new area, check out our article on it;


I hope this has helped anyone looking at selling their house over the upcoming months.  If you need any more tips I highly recommend this article from right move;